LED Ceiling lights
  • Ceiling Light Catalogue

  • Technical

    Ceiling lights range from 3W to 12W.


    Suitable for use in the UK and Europe only. 110V -240V

    Some models available in 12V please check.


    Suitable for use in the UK and Europe only. 12V or 110V - 240V.

    US models available.


    Casing - aluminium.


    Warranty - one year.


    Colour Temperatures

    Most ceiling light LEDs are available in warm white 3,000 Kelvin for soft ambience, or cool white 6,000 Kelvin for Full Spectrum or bright accent lighting.

  • Features

    Sunrise System ceiling lights are suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and work environments. They provide recessed lighting which is directional and illuminates almost instantly. With a long life span and low running costs, Sunrise System ceiling lights are ideal for use in areas where the light is on for hours at a time providing an energy saving alternative to halogen.

The Sunrise System range of ceiling lights includes light solutions for the home and workplace. We offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, fitting and wattage. Our ceiling lights are available with up to five enclosed light units of 3W - 12W with black and aluminium casing styles to choose from. Warm and cool white light output available.


Suitable for use in the UK and Europe only. Browse the downloadable pdf catalogue. Check your light fitting sizing and call for technical advice and/or pricing on the quantity you require.





SR00600H03 - 05 SERIES




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