LED Floodlights

The Sunrise System range of floodlights includes light solutions for the home and workplace. LED floodlights have the advantage of a long lifespan (up to 30,000 hours) and controllable light available in natural daylight colour temperatures. They also use a fraction of the energy of halogen flood lighting solutions.


Browse the downloadable pdf catalogue. Check your lighting requirements and call for technical advice and/or pricing on the quantity you require.

  • Floodlight Catalogue

  • Technical

    Floodlights range from 10W to 280W.


    IP65 (waterproof)


    Suitable for use in the UK and Europe only. 12V or 110V - 240V.

    US models available.


    Casing - black, white and aluminium.


    Warranty - one year.


    Colour Temperatures

    Most spotlights are available in warm white, 3,000 Kelvin for soft ambience, or cool white, 6,000 Kelvin for Full Spectrum or bright accent lighting.


    Warranty - one year.

  • Features

    Sunrise System floodlights are suitable for use outside residential living areas, office complexes, gardens and work environments. LED flood lighting is controllable light providing the added benefit of improved external security.  More cost effective to run than a halogen lighting scheme LED lighting is environmentally friendly at a lower running cost . Typically the floodlights should be incorporated into your existing or new lighting design providing a money saving way to enjoy outside space.





SR-0020 - 0050

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