LED Wall Lamps


The Sunrise System range of wall lamps includes light solutions for the home and workplace. Below are a small selection of our lamp designs. Please contact us with your home or workplace lighting ideas and we will be happy to advise you on the solutions available.


LED wall lamps illuminate almost instantly and give a much brighter light which is often directional. LEDs are available in different colour temperatures enabling you to use bright white LEDs or a more natural light depending on the requirement of the location. Using significantly less electricity than halogen wall lighting LED is the economic and environmentally superior solution for the future whether at home or in the workplace.

  • Wall Lamp Catalogue

  • Technical

    Wall lamps range from 1W to 5W.


    Suitable for use in the UK and Europe only. 12V or 110V - 240V.

    US models available.


    Casing - black, white or aluminium.


    Warranty - one year.


    Colour Temperatures

    Most wall lamps are available in warm white, 3,000 Kelvin for soft ambience, or cool white, 6,000 Kelvin for Full Spectrum or bright accent lighting.

  • Features

    Sunrise System wall lamps are suitable for use in kitchens, living areas and work environments.

SR-BD - A002

SR-BD - J004

SR-BD - B003

SR-BD - F002

SR-BD - B004

SR-BD - E003

SR-BD - Y001

SR-BD - S001

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