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The original and worldwide best-selling Sunrise System 100 uses technology to create a natural way to wake up with light. Just plug your own bedside lamp into the Sunrise System, choose the settings from the easy-to-use menu to suit your lifestyle. Your lamp will imitate a sunrise (and/or sunset) reaching full brightness after a sunrise duration you set and at the wake up time you have chosen. You can choose to wake up to the gradually brightening lamp or also set the alarm sounder which increases in volume as the simulated sunrise wakes you gently.


All of the Sunrise System dawn simulators use the natural light progression of the S or sigmoid curve using 1600 steps to gently mimic a morning sunrise.





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Product Features

The Sunrise System 100 connects directly to your bedside lamp. Your bedside lamp is controlled by the Sunrise System and then generates the sunrise / sunset feature.The Sunrise System integrates with your bedroom decor allowing you to use your own lamp.


Sunrise function simulates a Sunrise over a duration of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Sunset function simulates a Sunset over a duration of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.


Your bedside lamp brightness can be controlled manually using the Sunrise System 100 and set to any level, for example - to brighten the lamp for reading.


All functions of the SRS 100 are indicated on the large backlit display to clearly show the function being altered. 12 or 24 hour clock display - you choose. Easy-to-read text display shows time and date.


A night light feature has been included and the night light level is user adjustable.


A security feature that randomly turns the light on and off between the times of 7.00pm and 9.00am can be set to operate when you are away from home.


The audible alarm can be turned off if you prefer to wake to the Sunrise simulation without a buzzer.


Power fail backup is provided on all functions for short power cuts to the home electricity supply or if the Sunrise System is inadvertently disconnected for a short time.


Full seven day alarm is provided top allow the user to set different times on the alarm for different days of the week. The factory programmed time for all seven days is 7.00am.

The day of the week and Leap years are automatically calculated.


Option to set a language (English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish).


LCD contrast and backlight adjustment.


Ships in full colour gift box with simple user guide


Invented and designed by British engineers.


Sunrise System 100 user guide





Technical Specifications


SRS 100UK & EU, UK and EU models



For use in in United Kingdom and Europe.



130mm (width) x 110mm (height) x 70mm (depth)


Power supply:

240V AC, 50Hz


Connecting bedside lamp:

Tungsten bulb only - up to 300W 240V

Suitable for use with tungsten halogen energy saving bulb.

Not suitable for use with fluorescent energy saving type bulb.


CE marked:

Complies with EMC (2007/C 225/01) and Low Voltage Devices (2008/C 28/01)



SRS 100US USA models



For use in USA.



5" (width) x 4" (height) x 3" (depth)


Power supply:

110V - 120V AC, 60Hz


Connecting bedside lamp:

Tungsten bulb only - up to 100W 110V

Suitable for use with tungsten halogen energy saving bulb.
Not suitable for use with fluorescent energy saving type bulb.







Superb! The factory reset worked. Thank you so much for all your information, it has saved my Sunrise System 100 which is very satisfying.




My recent SRS100 telephone order was delivered yesterday. Thank you for your prompt and helpful service.


Wokingham, England


Thank you so much. Have used my new SRS100 for a while now and love it! It has some improvements over the original that I really like. More options for the backlight and it turns off the light after 1 hour in the morning. Thanks for all your help.


California, USA


I have just received my repairedSunrise System 100. Thank you so much for your efficiency and kindness.




The SRS100 arrived back from you today, thank you. I wasn't aware that by changing the socket earlier I would void the warranty and therefore I wish to thank you for making an exception and repairing it anyway.







Suitable for use with energy saving halogen light bulbs.

UK, EU and USA models available. Online price includes VAT and shipping. Supplied in full colour gift box with easy-to-follow user guide.



SRS100UK (silver) £69.95 (incl VAT & shipping to UK)

SRS100EU (silver) £79.95 (incl VAT & shipping to one address in Western Europe)

SRS100US (silver) $119.95 (incl shipping within mainland USA)

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