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Product Features


Sunrise System dawn/dusk simulator plus dimmable LED light box, two products for the price of a regular light box.


Up to 10,000 lux at full brightness whether using as a dawn simulator or as a light box.


Lightweight and portable with built in carry slot.


Energy efficient - uses only 10 watts of electricity when the light is on.

Sunrise simulated over a period of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.


Sunset simulated over 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes, set to suit your preference.


Timer - when using the SRS 320 as a light box the user can set how long the light is on from 10 - 90 minutes in 10 minute steps.


Light panel brightness can be controlled manually to turn it on and off quickly and brighten the light for reading for example.


Large green backlit LCD display shows the Menu function being altered.


Easy-to-read text display shows time and date and when in Menu screen displays your set up options.


Adjustable back light (including completely off) and adjustable contrast.


Night light feature with adjustable night light brightness.

Security feature to randomly turn lamp full on and off between 7.00pm and 9.00am.


12 or 24 hour clock display.


Day of week and Leap years automatically calculated.
Full 7 day wake up programme.


Optional audible alarm.


Power fail back up.


Option to select a language from English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

Ships in full colour gift box with simple user guide.


Invented and designed by British engineers.


Sunrise System 320 user guide





Product Dimensions

125mm (w) x 265mm (h) x 95mm (d)

4.9 " (w) x 10.4" (h) x 3.7" (d)



Low voltage product suitable for use in most countries.

Power supply:

Supplied with three different plugs, suitable for use in UK, Europe and USA.

CE marked


Thank you it did arrive. The product was for my girlfriend's birthday, she is a nurse who gets up early. It is pretty dark here between the endless clouds and the tall trees. Thanks again for your kind assistance, I think your customer service is as good as it gets and the product looks great.


Sincerely, Frederick



Thank you very much for replacing my light box so swiftly. It works perfectly. I am very pleased with the product and intend to give it a good review on Amazon.






Now you don't need to buy a separate dawn simulator and light box for use across autumn/winter months. The Sunrise System 320 is both a dawn/dusk simulator and bright LED light box giving you the benefits and cost saving of two products in one. Wake and relax using the Sunrise System dawn/dusk simulator plus during the day use the SRS 320 as a feature packed LED light box with adjustable light level and timer. At full brightness the SRS 320 emits up to 10,000 Lux whether you are using it as a dawn simulator or a light box.


This product is packed full of functionality, not only is it lightweight and portable so that you can use it in any room, it is easy to set up the many features to meet your own lifestyle requirements for waking, sleeping and wellness light therapy. See the full feature list opposite. A low voltage product suitable for use in most countries the SRS 320 consumes only 10 watts of electricity at maximum light level.


All of the Sunrise System dawn simulators use the natural light progression of the S or sigmoid curve using 1600 steps to gently mimic a morning sunrise.


Ships in full colour gift box with simple user guide and plugs suitable for use in most regions.



SRS320EU (silver) £119.95 (incl VAT & shipping to one address in UK or Western Europe)

SRS320US (silver) $179.95 (incl shipping within mainland USA).



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